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Scotsman Ice Machines, Flakers & Ice Makers in South Africa

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Mobile: 0722315060 (anytime)
Cell : 0620951161
Tel: 0861777078
Fax: 0865136847

round ice cubeGourmet Ice Cubes HERE
( Home and small bussiness look at the ACM models - Bigger machines ook at MC range )

dice cubeDice cube machines HERE
( Service Stations, Ice business and Hotels see the MV range )

crushed iceFlake Ice Machines HERE
( Crushed ice for fish, slush and cocktails )

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round ice cube scotsman south africa round ice cube crushed ice
Self Contained
Gourmet Cube
Dice Cube
Gourmet Cube
Flake Ice
scotsman acm 46 ice machine
ACM36 - 18kg/24hrs
scotsman mv300 ice machine
MV306 - 146kgs/24hrs
scotsman mcm15 ice maker
MCM16 - 172kgs/24hrs
scotsman af80 ice flaker
AF80 - 70kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm 46 ice machine
ACM46 - 24kgs/24hrs

scotsman mv450 ice maker
MV456 - 240gs/24hrs
mcm 46 ice maker scotsman
MCM46 - 310kgs/24hrs
scptsman af100 flaker
AF100 - 85kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm56 ice maker
ACM56 - 32kgs/24hrs
scotsman mv 800 ice maker

MV606 - 320kgs/24hrs
scotsman guorme cube ice machine
MCM1210 - 660kgs/24hrs
ice machimes south africa
MF26 - 120kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm86 ine machine
ACM86 - 38kgs/24hrs
scotsman mv 600 ice maker
MV806 - 430kgs/24hrs

mf30 scotsman crush ice machine
MF36 - 200kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm 106 ice maker
ACM106 - 50kgs/24hrs
mv1000 ice maker scotsman
MV1006 - 465kgs/24hrs
scotsman crush ice south africa
MF46 - 320kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm 125 ice machine
ACM126 71kgs/24hrs
scotsman ice maker
C1448 - 732kgs/24hrs
ice flaker scotsman south africa
MF56 - 600kgs/24hrs
scotsman ice machine
ACM176 - 83kgs/24hrs
scotsman ice maker south africa
C1848 - 893kgs/24hrs
scotsman south africa ice flaker
MF66 - 1200kgs/24hrs
scotsman ice macine abm206
ACM206 - 130kgs/24hrs

mfe south african ice machine
Mf86 - 2500kgs/24hrs
acm206 scotsman ice machine
ACM226 - 145kgs/24hrs